Esta was bred via artificial insemination to Conversano Ivey last spring, and gave birth to a colt just over 2 months ago. Despite the long gestation (376 days), the delivery was fast and without complications. The colt was healthy, and we noticed when he first stood up that he was very balanced.

Although we were nervous about how she would react to her first foal, she turned out to be an excellent mother. From day one, she allowed people (including the vet) to handle him without fuss. Now that he is older and enjoys playing and jumping, she is patient with his youthful energy.

As for the colt, his name is Conversano Ballesta, to comply with the naming conventions of the Lipizzan breed. To us, he is “Patton,” after the general who saved the Lipizzans from extinction after WWII. He has inherited a strong and straight frame from his parents, along with lovely gaits. But most importantly, he has a wonderful, loving temperament.

So with Esta’s new role as mother, she will not be ridden again until Patton is weaned.  Lactation has led her to devote time to one of her biggest passions, food!  However, she is being worked in hand to keep her responsive and light.


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