If you’re interested in getting your horse in peak health, you need to look closely at what they’re consuming.


horse nutrition bible

So take a deep breath and look at NRC’s ‘Nutritional Requirements of Horses’.  It’s not an easy read so if you need help, take Dr Eleanor Kellon’s course on equine nutrition.

We custom mix Esta’s and Minuet’s supplements and they never looked better.  No thrush.  No signs of allergies.  Great muscle tone.  Better hoof quality.  Both our horses are genetically prone to certain conditions, and throwing in the appropriate amounts of magnesium and limiting iron, for example, reduces their chances of ever manifesting those conditions.

Some of the other single ingredients include phosphorus, copper, zinc, iodized salt, selenium, vitamin E, lysine. These are balanced to the nutritional profile of local grass hay and alfalfa.  Dairy One’s website can help you with hay profiles if you can’t get your grass analyzed.


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